Innovation is seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought. Every idea, every ground-breaking leap that changes our world starts with the vision of our dreamers, and at Phnix, we give these dreamers a platform and the tools they need to bring their ideas to life.

In the future, drones will replace most flying machines. They will enter our lives in an essential manner. From providing emergency medical relief to delivering pizzas and even transporting people, this industry is on its way to change society forever. Phnix is at the forefront of the change drones are making and will be there for developers and enthusiasts, but most importantly, for those who are passionate about letting go of the roads for the sky.

Based in Australia, Phnix has an eclectic international advantage, stimulating the innovators and engineers.

Phnix invests in people and their ideas for innovation and provides developers the means to realise their dreams. When you buy a Phnix product, you are part of the innovation; you are part of the dream.

The future will come to those who brave the daunting task of innovating with the technology already around us. Teaching our future generation to dream rather than follow instruction is crucial; to take action and give their dream vitality, rather than let an idea die, never to touch humanity.

PHNIX Drones

PHNIX Drones was founded in 2015 as a subdivision of PHNIX. PHNIX Drones is a leading innovative toy company for kids and young adults who are interested in Remote Control flying machines. PHNIX Drones is at the forefront of drone technology and focuses on quality, speed and experience as the bases of its drones.

PHNIX Drones first toy was launched in 2016 called the PHNIX Starburst which dominated the market in Australia, Hong Kong and USA with many retailers, parents and kids.

In September 2017, PHNIX Drones launched 3 new products and reengineered its original Starburst drone. PHNIX also introduced its new flight control the FIREBIRD. FIREBIRD comes standard in all PHNIX Drones and is developed with the guidance of DRL pilots to give you a dynamic flying experience.