PHNIX Bullet Racer

Unleash Your Inner Pilot

The PHNIX Bullet Racer has been built for speed. Equipped with the highly acclaimed and user friendly FIREBIRD software to reach high speed and perform variety of aerobatics and 3D stunts. Fly across the skies at 50 km/h.

Amazing Stunts

Unleash the Phnix

In beginner mode practice with a variety of preprogrammed stunts, and put them into action with the PHNIX Bullet 3D expert mode. Expert mode is great for flips and rolls and used by most drone racing pilots. It gives you more control over the quad, making flight smoother, more fluid and faster. Share your aerobatics on Facebook and Instagram to engage and be a part of the growing community of fellow pilots!


First Person View (FPV) Goggles

Ergonomic Remote Control

Special PHNIX Remote Control

High Resolution Camera

Offering a stunning panoramic view in First Person View (FPV) mode, the PHNIX drone is equipped with a 2 Mega Pixel Wide Angle HD camera to capture instant high quality photos and videos.