PHNIX Trident

Take amazing shots and capture memories with the world’s first 2 Megapixel, first person view Nano drone. Take the PHNIX Trident where ever you go and never miss or have a dull moment with the pocket size protective carry case, launch out the palm of your hand by our one click take-off button and start soaring trough the sky.

Our on board FIREBIRDTM firmware is designed to engage every pilot with the best flight experince trough stability, speed, easy controls and sensors

PHNIX Trident

WORLDS FIRST 2 Mega Pixel Nano Drone

Unleash the PHNIX


2 Mega Pixel High Resolution Camera

The trident features a 2 mega pixel camera that can take selfies, fly in FPV mode.

Ergonomic Remote Control

Special PHNIX Remote Control

The remote can be folded for safe travels for your drone and the controller. Easy expansion and ergonomic design to make your flying experience enjoyable.